Sydney is a small stature, slender blonde of a nerd grrl. A bit of a tomboy who, while scuba diving in the Florida kays, discovered a set of 7 mysterious orbs that grant her powers.

Orbs Edit

  1. Red: Energy Beam (Pew Pew orb, or PPO if you're hip)
  2. Magenta: "Lighthook" force pseudopod (current top lift 15-16 tons)
  3. Yellow: Telepresence and Truesight (Comm-ball)
  4. Green: Creates breathable atmosphere (life support)
  5. Brown: unknown
  6. Purple: Force Field with variable radius
  7. Blue: Flight (Fly ball, current top speed Mach 16)

The orbs appear to have a skill tree that levels up in discrete increments, by displaying glowing white dots.