Dabbler's Bingo Card


Halo's Bingo Card

"Make Maxima Say" is a word game that plays similar to "bingo". In order to cross off a word, the player has to trick Lt. Col. Maxima Leander (Max, Maxima) into saying a certain word.

This is a very long game, with no known record as of yet as to who started it or when. It is possible that it was designed either by Xuriel Shahara Tantalis (Dabbler) because she finds Max to be sexually reserved, especially by succubus standards. The game also might have been created by Arianna, since she has many headaches caused by the invincible superheroine and has little say in what she does or how she could be punished. Possibly both worked together to create it, inspired by an offscreen/backstory conversation. We may never know.

Each time the Make Maxima Say bingo cards have been seen, they have been in the hands of different supers (Dabbler and Halo). Most of the words on the cards are different, though some common words do appear. The layout of the cards are different each time as well.

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